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Brain Advances offers both TWO CHANNEL AND FOUR- CHANNEL NEUROFEEDBACK AS WELL AS INFRASLOW FLUCTUATION NEUROFEEDBACK.  While one and two-channel training is quite effective, four channel training has the added benefit of improving coherence in the​ brain, which can further reduce symptoms. NeuroGuide and BrainDx data bases are used to compare the client's brain to standardized Z score data so that hundreds of changes can be made in the brain per second. About 67 percent of the brain's surface can be trained using four-channel Z scores.


INFRASLOW FLUCTUATION NEUROFEEDBACK (ISF) is now provided through Brain Advances, as pioneered by world renowned Mark Llewellyn Smith. The internal part of the brain can be trained so that the autonomic nervous system can work in a more effective way. Most mental health challenges are associated with sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system dysregulation. This ISF treatment is contrasted to traditional neurofeedback where only the surface of the brain is trained. Often clients with anxiety, developmental trauma, chronic pain, medical challenges, and fibromyalgia (to name just a few conditions) find limited relief from surface neurofeedback, yet may make drastic strides in their symptom reduction through ISF training.  The brain often begins to change during the first session. Also, Rhonda completed a course taught by world-famous Sebern Fisher who specializes in trauma work. Her book is referenced in "Link To Resources" in this website. 

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